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Videography by David Croan

February 7, 2007 - Central Tablelands Supercell Storm

Storm chasers watch from Mt Victoria, NSW, as thunderstorms erupt over the Central Tablelands. The chasers then drive to a vantage point west of Lithgow as a supercell thunderstorm intensifies. The chasers shoot time-lapse of the supercell as it approaches and then drive back to Lithgow with the storm overhead. After catching dramatic footage of dynamic cloud motions and strong rotation, the chasers drive to the south of town as the storm drops large hail stones to 6 cm in diamater.

Notes - | Equipment: Sony HDR-FX1E | Format: SD 16:9 | File size: Approx 58 mb |


December 11, 2006 - Western Sydney electrical storm

David Croan captures a slow-moving, high-based electrical storm from a vantage in northern sydney.

Notes - | Equipment: Sony HDR-FX1E | Format: SD 16:9 | File size: Approx 5.5 mb |


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