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December 2003

Spectacular lightning bolts near Orange: 12 December 2003
November 2003

Violent microburst and long lived high precipitation supercells: 21 November 2003

Squall line and shelf cloud Mt Lambie: 16 November 2003

Hailstorm with excellent lightning Lithgow: 9 November 2003
October 2003

Gorilla Hail spawned by supercell hailstorm NE NSW record hailstone to 9.6cm: 26 October 2003

North West Sydney Suburbs hailstorm Hail to cricket ball size: 25 October 2003

Severe Storm SW Sydney: 18 October 2003

Severe Storm Outbreak: 2 October 2003

Severe weather outbreak HP Supercell: 1 October 2003
July 2003

Severe Frost, Sunrise and Swans: 28 July 2003

Frost: 27 July 2003

Snow cover during the day Shooters Hill region: 26 July 2003

Snow at night: 25 July 2003
June 2003

Tornado warned classic supercell includes LP supercell - Texas US Tornado Alley: 12 June 2003

Tornado warned supercells and anvil crawler show - Texas US Tornado Alley: 11 June 2003

Squall Line and lightning - Oklahoma US Tornado Alley: 10 June 2003

LP and Severe storms and lightning - Texas panhandle US Tornado Alley: 9 June 2003

Severe storms and impressive lightning show - Texas US Tornado Alley: 7 June 2003

Severe storms along cold front - New Mexico US Tornado Alley: 5 June 2003

HP Beast with multiple inflow bands and powerful inflow - New Mexico US Tornado Alley: 4 June 2003

HP supercell - LP supercell structure West Texas US Tornado Alley: 3 June 2003

Squall line higher based storms and lightning with possible gustnado US Tornado Alley: 1 June 2003
May 2003

Multicell higher based storm and lightning Amarillo region US Tornado Alley: 23 May 2003

Tornado warned supercell with wall cloud near Healdton US Tornado Alley: 19 May 2003

Tornado outbreak high risk event US Tornado Alley: 15 May 2003
March 2003

HP Supercell with Spectacular Mothership Mesocyclone Structure - NSW North Coast: 30 March 2003

Major Supercells Outbreak including funnel cloud and giant hail: 30 March 2003

LP storms: 21 March 2003

Severe Weather Outbreak including classic supercell with significant rotation: 20 March 2003
February 2003

NSW North Coast Storm Chase: 13 February 2003

LP Supercell over Camden western Sydney: 12 February 2003
January 2003

NSW North Coast Lightning and Storm Chase: 8 January 2003

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Updated: 30th September 2006
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