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December 2004

Severe storm structure and lightning - Narrabri NSW: 27 December 2004

Daytime lightning and microbursts - Gunnedah NSW: 25 December 2004

Lightning at sunset Narrabri NSW: 24 December 2004

Spectacular lightning with sunset setting Central West NSW: 23 December 2004

Classic Supercell with well defined wall cloud Sydney, NSW causing large hail: 13 December 2004

Classic rotating supercell with double wall cloud intercepted southwest of Walgett: 8 December 2004

Classic rotating supercell, LP supercell and HP supercell intercepted near Nyngan: 7 December 2004

Wall cloud and probable tornado just west of Quambone (near Coonamble) NSW: 7 December 2004
October 2004

Classic Supercell to HP supercell devastates Muswellbrook Hunter Valley NSW - very large 'Gorilla' hail: - 24 October 2004
September 2004

Spectacular storm with interesting features SW Sydney, NSW causing large hail: 19 September 2004
May 2004

Massive HP supercell spawns huge hail and tornadoes near Oklahoma City: Tornado Alley: 29 May 2004

Tornadoes southern Nebraska : Tornado Alley: 24 May 2004

Tornadoes demolish houses southern Kansas Tornado Alley: 12 May 2004

Low precipitation supercell and anvil lightning show Cheyenne Wyoming: 10 May 2004

Tornado warned supercell and incredible anvil lightning show southeastern South Dakota: 9 May 2004

Tornado warned supercells and lightning northern Nebraska: 8 May 2004
April 2004

Tornado warned supercell west Texas Tornado Alley: 30 April 2004

US Trip: Cumulus and Rock Mountains with snow as seen from the air: 24 April 2004
January 2004

Supercell explodes off the coast near Manly, Sydney: 30 January 2004

Staccato lightning near Schofields: 28 January 2004

Structured Storm - near Wollongong: 27 January 2004

NSW Western Sydney Lightning Bolt Fest: 24 January 2004

Storms and lightning - near Batlow: 21 January 2004

Severe Storms and Lightning eases drought - Forbes: 13 January 2004

Severe Storms and lightning - Coonabarabran: 12 January 2004

Severe Storms and lightning : NW Slopes Quirindi: 10 January 2004

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Updated: 30th September 2006
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