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If you have any photos or video of funnels or tornadoes taken in Australia and wish to have them displayed on this website, please contact us.

  • Purchase DVDs on storms and tornadoes.

  • Observing tornadoes, dust devils, whirl winds, water spouts and land spouts
  • An overview of tornadoes and thunderstorms
  • Wikipedia description of a tornado
  • Tornado Project online
  • Tornado Project online - tornado safety
  • Tornado information for students
  • Gene Moore - article on tornadoes
  • Noaa article on tornadoes and tornado history

  • Australian Tornadoes and Funnels

    australian tornadoes

    Recent Events

    NSW Waterspouts: 2 - 3 May 2009

    Byron Bay Waterspout picture Lennox Head Waterspout picture
    More photos ...

    11th March 2009: Eyre Peninsula, SA

    Eyre Peninsula Tornado picture
    More photos ...

    23rd December 2008: Near Cooma, NSW

    Cooma Nimmitabel Tornado picture
    More photos ...

    26th October 2007: Dunoon Tornado, NSW

    Dunoon Tornado picture Dunoon Tornado picture
    More photos ...

    Tornado Alley Tornadoes

    tornadoes tornado alley

    Recent Events

    22nd and 31st May 2007: Kansas and Oklahoma tornadoes

    More photos ...

    5th and 7th June 2005: Oklahoma and South Dakota tornadoes

    More photos ...

    12th May 2004: Kansas tornadoes

    More photos ...

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