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Storm News and Storm Chasing

The Latest Significant or Severe Weather and Storm Chase Reports are discussed on Australian Severe Weather's Extreme Storms Website. Join in the discussion and add your storm chase reports, observations, comments and photos!

Storm News Archives

Hundreds of storm chasing reports and other significant weather dating back to 1995 is available. Choose a year of interest: 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998 | 1997 | 1996 | 1995

Severe Thunderstorm images of the month

Back issues of our popular severe thunderstorm photo features can be accessed from these links:
1997 | 1998 | 1999 | 2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010

Other Severe Weather News, Reports, Links and Resources

NSW Northern Ranges Snow Chase Forecasting Guide by Michael Bath

Lismore Flood Pictures and Wilsons River Flood Height Information / Richmond River Flood Plain by Michael Bath

Understanding Aerological Skew-T Diagrams / Soundings by Michael Bath

  • Observing tornadoes, dust devils, whirl winds, water spouts and land spouts by Jimmy Deguara
  • An overview of tornadoes and thunderstorms
  • Satellite Pictures | Weather Radar | Weather Maps
  • The Bureau of Meteorology has detailed information on Severe Storms. It covers facts, warnings and safety in severe storms, and has some interesting pictures (including a tornado), maps and case studies. If you are going to attempt storm chasing or photographing severe weather, make sure you have a good understanding of the dangers by reading this very informative article.
  • Average annual thunder-day and lightning flash density maps
  • Australian Severe Weather Association Inc. (ASWA)
  • Australian Storm Chasers Group newsletters: [Feb 2003] [Sep 2003] [Nov 2003] [Jan 2004] [Mar 2004] [May 2004] [Sep 2004]
  • Thunderstorm forecasting guide by Anthony Cornelius
  • Bureau of Meteorology Warnings
  • Bureau of Meteorology Flood Warning Centre: Rainfall and River Heights
  • Emergency Management Australia - disaster events data tracking system
  • Australian Weather News and Links by Laurier Williams - a comprehensive roundup of significant weather occurring around Australia, also real-time weather observations.
  • Severe Thunderstorms in NSW and ACT by the Bureau of Meteorology's Severe Weather Section in NSW
  • Extreme Storms Australia
  • Storm Chaser News and Storm Chasing
  • Storm News and Storm Chasing Articles
  • Storm Weather News Articles
  • Thunderbolt Storm Chasing Tours
  • Severe Weather Summaries were produced by the Bureau of Meteorology until July 2009. They include descriptions and summaries about tropical cyclones, severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, flooding, severe winds, dust storms, bushfires, and temperature and rainfall records.

    Since July 2008 the Bureau now provides the more comprehensive Monthly Weather Reviews. These are produced separately for each state and include weather and climate maps.

    Links to individual Severe Weather Summaries:
    2009: [Jan][Feb][Mar][Apr][May][Jun][Jul]
    2008: [Jan][Feb][Mar][Apr][May][Jun][Jul][Aug][Sep][Oct][Nov][Dec]
    2007: [Jan][Feb][Mar][Apr][May][Jun][Jul][Aug][Sep][Oct][Nov][Dec]
    2006: [Jan][Feb][Mar][Apr][May][Jun][Jul][Aug][Sep][Oct][Nov][Dec]
    2005: [Jan][Feb][Mar][Apr][May][Jun][Jul][Aug][Sep][Oct][Nov][Dec]
    2004: [Jan][Feb][Mar][Apr][May][Jun][Jul][Aug][Sep][Oct][Nov][Dec]
    2003: [Jan][Feb][Mar][Apr][May][Jun][Jul][Aug][Sep][Oct][Nov][Dec]
    2002: [Jan][Feb][Mar][Apr][May][Jun][Jul][Aug][Sep][Oct][Nov][Dec]
    2001: [Jan][Feb][Mar][Apr][May][Jun][Jul][Aug][Sep][Oct][Nov][Dec]
    2000: [Jan][Feb][Mar][Apr][May][Jun][Jul][Aug][Sep][Oct][Nov][Dec]
    1999: [Jan][Feb][Mar][Apr][May][Jun][Jul][Aug][Sep][Oct][Nov][Dec]
    1998: [Jan][Feb][Mar][Apr][May][Jun][Jul][Aug][Sep][Oct][Nov][Dec]
    1997: [Jan][Feb][Mar][Apr][May][Jun][Jul][Aug][Sep][Oct][Nov][Dec]
    1996: [Jan][Feb][Mar][Apr][May][Jun][Jul][Aug][Sep][Oct][Nov][Dec]

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